Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fire Cleansing Visualization Exercise

To clear your energy and release anything that no longer serves you, imagine a swirling vortex of fire (I see it going counter-clockwise looking down) starting at your feet and swirling up through your energy field.

As the fire swirls and rises, hold the intent that it is cleansing your energy and releasing psychic debris, entities, energetic cords, negative beliefs, and even past life karma that no longer serves you.  The fire may change colour or intensity during this process.

Take your time and repeat it if you feel it is necessary.  Note any changes in how you feel.

You can do this every night for yourself before you go to sleep, when you meditate, or when you feel you need assistance clearing yourself emotionally, spiritually (i.e., energy blocks), mentally, or physically.

You can also use this exercise to clear your home, your car, your pets, family, your work space, and the Earth!

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