Monday, 7 January 2013

Water Please!

Once a week, when I water my plants, I ask each plant for the number of seconds they want me to pour water for them.  It ranges from three to ten seconds - mainly depending on their size.  They tell me in turn when I get to them and start pouring.

A couple are really picky and want three seconds to start and then they want me to go back to them after I water the rest and give them another three seconds or so so they have time to soak up the first bit.  I don't really hear this part, it is more of a knowing they convey to me.

It is interesting that if I am late in watering them by a day or so, they each increase the amount of water they ask for by about a second or two.

This week I was late by two days and I had a dream that our fish tank had leaked and was almost out of water - the fish were barely breathing at the bottom.  I think it was my plants complaining and explaining how they felt.  The fish are ok and the plants got watered this morning.

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