Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ways to Increase your Vibrational Frequency

The following are some ways to increase your vibrational frequency:
  • Constantly remind yourself to be aware of the present (to balance your ego)
  • Meditate regularly to increase your awareness and still your mind
  • Conscious breathing (e.g. breathe in for 5 and out for 5 seconds) increases your energetic coherence with Source
  • Live by the virtues - be respectful, grateful, compassionate etc.
  • Align, balance, and clear your energy body - energy healing, yoga, and through visualization and intent
  • Maintain a healthy body - exercise, eat organic food, eat grass fed beef, cleanliness, personal hygiene, less sugar, enough sleep...
  • Learn your life lessons (recognize patterns/repetitions of emotional turmoil to discover your life lessons)
  • Discover and clear negative beliefs
  • Be positive and feel good as much as you can - this is especially important first thing in the morning when you wake up - think, act, and speak positively; love yourself - attract the things/situations/people that make you feel good by feeling good
  • Take responsibility
  • Media (books, music, movies etc) can inspire you 
  • De-clutter your space = de-clutter your mind and energy field
  • You are a creator - Create! 
  • Healing others - Through energy healing, you are a conduit for energy which helps to clear your energy 
  • Being around others who have a higher vibrational frequency (including some animals, plants and crystals)  
  • Just ask! Ask your Angels and Guides to help you to increase your vibrational frequency
  • Know that you are enough.  Know all is well and everything will be fine.

Remember to stay balanced and grounded as well.  

By increasing your vibrational frequency, you can deal better emotionally, others will have less of an affect on you energetically, you are more aware of any psychic debris and entities (so you can avoid them or clear them), and you have better energy flow.  Improved energy flow can calm your mind and help your body to relax and heal itself if needed.

More Information:


Start with the Healing Breathing Exercise.
Cleanse your energy field with a Fire Cleansing Visualization Exercise.

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