Sunday, 19 May 2013

Past Life Regressions and Soul Fragments

I have had a few past life regressions now.  Even though my experiences feel right to me, I still have doubts as to whether they are actually past lives I had, or just symbols of current life challenges.  Regardless, I believe that having a past life regression is helpful, even if just to symbolically become aware of, understand, and clear current issues - especially recurring life lessons.

If it is true, I have had past lives as a fish on another planet, I was a Crystal Architect in Atlantis (at the end of Atlantis), a not very nice male thousands of years ago, and I had a couple of lives as a poor female in Europe (once by myself) prior to this life.

The following is what I experienced during my most recent past life regression, which was a group past life regression.  At the beginning, we were taken up through our chakras at which point, my late Aunt came and helped me to understand an energy block I have in my throat chakra.  I even started to cough, which I tried not to do because I was in a group.  I was told that there is a block in my throat because I was denying who I truly was.  There was a shoe in my throat which represented to me how awkward I felt about myself.  I was told to turn it into a blue rose and "know my greatness".  At the time, I thought this was just a side message for me.

As the regression began, I started to see two past lives at the same time, which was new to me.  The first life was the most vivid.  I looked down and saw simple leather sandals on male feet.  I was wearing loose beige clothes/robes, I had a cane, had a long, grey beard, and I was holding a feather quill (which was apparently not used until 6th century A.D.).  I was very tired and was sitting in a kitchen chair in a simple building.  I saw my grandson and my daughter (now my best friend) gave me some meat and some pita type bread and was telling me to "eat Father!" in what I think was Greek.  I felt I was in Greece or Italy by the ocean on perhaps an olive farm.  I asked what my name was and got Pythagoras and the timing was a few hundred years B.C.

As a side note, I had an akashic record reading recently which said I was here to finish what I started in Greece, so part of me wonders if I created this story.  I was not very familiar with Pythagoras other than his famous hypotenuse formula.  However, I was intrigued to discover that he was a mystic when I researched him after my regression.  He also lived in Italy for the later part of his life.

I do have an affinity for Italy and the Italian language.  When I visited Italy in 2002, I felt like I was going home.  The parallel life I saw was of Leonardo da Vinci in the 1500s in Italy.  I felt like I died in that life from Tuberculosis (I was coughing blood).  It is unknown what caused Leonardo da Vinci's death.

I admired Leonardo da Vinci growing up so I again wondered if I was making it up.  However, I also discovered that Leonardo studied sacred geometry.

Apparently in these two past lives and in my current life, there is a reluctance to teach others and I am worried about what others will think.  In my research, the followers of Pythagoras were all killed and Leonardo belonged to a secret society.

At the end, I gave a blue rose to myself in all three lives representing confidence in myself and to have faith in the positive impact I can have on others.

I have attempted to validate the above and received another past life in Greece in the 1600's as a very religious female who could not have children but had psychic visions.  Also, I was likely a monk in a past life which also feels right to me.  As far as I understand, the purpose of monks is to hold the energy/light for a community.

I asked a close friend who is a psychic medium and she got that I am able to fragment my soul three ways.  I believe that everyone at least leaves one part of their soul behind when they incarnate, but apparently, I can split my soul into three fragments.  This actually did not surprise me because I had a dream as a child of a parallel life of an older girl that lasted for about a year.   There are certainly times when I wish I brought more soul energy with me into this life.

What my friend said was that I was not Pythagoras or Leonardo da Vinci directly, but I experienced their lives as a soul fragment - almost like a channelled being that was a part of those individuals.  This is why I had doubts about being those people because I was only a part of them.  I suppose it would be like me being part of that other girl's life in my dream as a child.

In the end, it does not really matter if I was Pythagoras or Da Vinci.  The message (which applies to everyone) is that I have a lot of potential and I should not underestimate myself.

If you are having trouble believing in past lives and soul fragments, I recommend reading, "Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives", by Michael Newton.


  1. Can you describe more about your past lives in Atlantis? Thanks!

  2. Hello Yu Pin,

    What I remember from my past life regression in Atlantis was that I was an Architect of crystal buildings. It felt like it was the end of Atlantis and there was an earthquake. Ironically, I believe I was killed in the collapse of one of the buildings I designed. This scene was particularly vivid for me.

    When I got home after the regression, I remembered that most everything else I saw and described in detail was very similar to a book I had read a few years back about Atlantis. I was bothered by this because I did not know if I was actually there or simply describing what I remembered from the book. The book is called, "Discover Atlantis", by Diana Cooper and Shaaron Hutton. At the same time, there were extra details that were not in the book including some daily activities, and information about the family I had in that life who are now in this life with me again. I suppose I could also see this as validation of what I experienced, but I may not find out in this life. I am curious if others have read this book and can also relate to the book?

  3. Hi Janine, Thanks for your reply!

    NO,I haven't read the book yet.

    Did you remember what types of architect was it? Egyptian style or Greek style?

    Can you describe the extra details in your past life that were different from the book, and some daily activities you did on Atlantis?

    Thanks again!
    Yu Pin

    1. Hi Yu Pin,

      Unfortunately, I do not remember if I took notes after the regression because part of me felt that I was just remembering the book I read. I'll take a look and let you know if I find any notes. What I do remember is that the architecture was very organic (neither Greek or Egyptian). The buildings I designed with crystals, had crystals which were programmed with specific functions (e.g., healing etc). I believe the book talks about the function of crystals in Atlantis.

      The regression was many years ago and I only have glimpses of daily life, the buildings, and the food. The purpose of the regression was to focus on my relationships and life lessons to learn why we are in this life together again.

      If you would like more information, I highly recommend the book I mentioned above.

      Best regards,